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3 Methods to Hack the Locked Windows Computers

Whenever the term hacking comes into play, it instantly alerts you about a mischief waiting to occur. But that is not the case we are going to discuss here in this article. Here we would hack our very own computer for a very simple reason it’s locked. Yes there often comes a period when you are completely disabled to access your preferential admin account, and this is preceded with a lot of troubles in your way. The reason to lose the password could be many, like you frequently prefer to change your password or you are using the account after a very long time. Nevertheless, if you have a proper guidance you can definitely overcome your situation in few simple steps, and this is what we are going to demonstrate here below in the article.

Just keep reading to know the methods to hack your computer.
Method #1: Find Windows Passwords in Notepad, WordPad and Excel Files
If you have got another system, be it computer or laptop, there could be a possibility that you might have saved the password somewhere in the alternate system, like in Notepad, Wordpad, etc. thus instead of trying out hell bent methods which causes more of a headache it is better to check out your notepad files to see if the password for your locked account is stored there or not.

If you are unable to find it in your notepad, you can search for excel files also as it is primarily used to store huge database of information.
In spite of all your efforts if you fail to accomplish your goal, then you better move to the next method to try out your luck.
Method #2: Remove Windows Password with iSeepassword
If you are tired of trying out irrelevant password resetting tools to sort out your issue, then this is your high time to try out iSeepassword at least once to compare its performance with all the tools you have tried so far. The tool removes the password by disabling certain registry keys accountable for password protection. It has been tested with various brands of computers and laptops like HP, ACER, DELL, SONY, etc and thus you can be sure of your expected result if you try it even for once.
Tool’s Characteristics:
It runs with the all the Windows desktop versions, such as XP/ Vista/ 8/ 7/ 10.
It requires no additional ISO image burner.
No data is lost during the process of password removal.
Internet connection is not required.
Re-installation of OS does not occur.
Both Flash drive and CD/DVD can be put to use to create bootable disk.
Requirement before using Passfolk:
The iSeepassword setup file.
A spare accessible system.
A vacant optical disk to create bootable disk.

Manual Guideline in steps:
Step 1: Download the correct program file and make sure to install it adequately to your working computer.

use windwos password recovery to reset your Toshiba windows password

Step 2. Plug in your optical disk into the computer and click “Burn USB” to start burning ISO image key files to the disk. Click “Ok” after you receive the notification “Burning Successfully!” to end the burning process.


create a bootable USB or DVD disk



Step 3. Pull out your burnt disk and plug it in again into the locked computer. Alter the boot preference order from the BIOS utility settings and boot from the burnt disk.


Boot Computer from USB Drive

Step 4. Your setup file will be loaded into the hard disk. Click on “Reset Password” and then “Reboot” button one after another to begin the process of password removal.

reset your Acer

After you are done with all these steps, your system will take a quick restart and you can access your locked account this time without any password enquiry.
The method is not too dependable.
It is a very tedious task to go through so many files to locate your password.
Method #3: Crack Windows Password with Command Prompt
Command prompt or frequently termed as CMD is actually a command line interpreter which is exceptionally powerful enough to carry out any task at the call of certain commands. Here in this approach we are going to use black dialogue box to achieve our goal of hacking the locked computer in no time. Note the steps below to carry out the method:
Step 1. Insert your bootable disk into the locked computer. If you don’t have any bootable disk, prepare it beforehand. And now turn on the system.
Step 2. Wait for a while until the login screen appears, and keep hitting the “Shift” key incessantly until the cmd dialog box turns up.

Step 3. Next copy-paste the command given below and hit “Enter”: net user account password

Step 4. Replace the “username” with the locked user ID and “password” with the new password that you wish to set.

Step 5. Next restart your computer and enter the newly generated credentials on the login screen to gain clear access.

The method is not 100 % efficient.
Execution of even a single wrong command can become very fatal for the system.
All the methods mentioned above in the article are extremity easier to put to use. Thus if you are a beginner with software you won’t find any hardship dealing with the guidelines mentioned above. Though all the methods are equally effective, but if you are expect an assured output, then iSeepassword is the only viable method which could bring your desired output to limelight. In case of any further query, don’t forget to subscribe to our website to read more relevant articles.

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