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3 ways to Delete Everything from Android Device

Undoubtedly Android phones have opened new avenues for all the tech lovers around the world, who always looked for a device which can accommodate a large amount of data besides storing contact details and messages only. And that’s what Android devices serve. You can store music, videos, messages, apps, games, movies, with no end to the list of its features. But have you ever wondered, your miniature device in addition to giving joyous ventures can turn out to be nest of troubles? Surely you have not. The problem arises when your device is taken over by someone else. Just think for a moment, what an ample blunder it will turn out to be if your device falls on wrong hands as all your personal data will be at the brink of misuse to a scale you can hardly imagine.

Thus every time you decide to hand over your device to someone else, be it whosoever for a longer period, made sure to delete most of your data off your device in order to ensure safety. The article here would demonstrate you the same to secure your device from mischievous activities.

Way #1: Delete everything from Android by using Hard Reset

Here in this approach the device is first taken to a specific mode called recovery mode, where it becomes easier for the user to control the Android device on a whole new advanced level. In that particular mode, only the basic essential things function aborting the rest of the functions. Simply go though the method description given below in steps to understand the process:

Step 1. Switch off your device first and switch it on again by pressing “Home + Volume down + Power” buttons together and your device will enter the recovery mode instantaneously.

Step 2. You will be displayed a list of information on the screen, and you have got to select “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset” option and press the “Home” button accordingly to select the option.

Step 3. Your device will be rebooted, and once it starts again there will be no personal data contained within it.


  • Unfortunately the deleted data can be recovered by any expert hackers.
  • Your all contact details will be erased off your device along with your other data which might prove to be problematic at times.

Way #2: Delete everything from Android by Using Safewiper Tool

Safewiper is wonderfully designed software which deletes your mobile data with no data recovery possibility again in the future. Even expert hackers will fail to retrieve the deleted data off your device. As a professional erase tool It has been promoted on a wide scale and has been approved by millions of users across the globe.

Important features of Safewiper

  • It is compatible with all Windows OS such as XP/ 7 / 8 / 10.
  • It endorses both Windows and Mac computers.
  • It is capable of removing all kinds of data.
  • It functions in 3 operational modes- Erase all data, Erase private data, Erase App data.
  • It does not require any internet connectivity.
  • Lifetime upgrade facilities are also available.

How to use Safewiper Utility:

Step 1. First of all, download the setup file on a spare accessible computer and install it accurately. Run the program with admin privileges.

Step 2. Connect your device to the computer using USB cable.

Step 3. Enable the USB debugging mode in your Android device by going to the following location: Settings> Developers Options> USB Debugging

Step 4.  Click on “Erase All Data” option.

Step 5. Next; click on “Erase Now” option to start the deletion process.

The deletion process might take few minutes depending upon the volume of data your device contains. But once done, your device becomes completely ready for usage by any stranger.

Way #3: Delete All Data on Android with Soft Reset

The soft reset is basically required when your device is heavily compromised due to bad usage or some other unknown reasons. It actually formats your entire device, very much similar to that of formatting computers. Go through the step instructions below to actuate the method:

Step 1. Tap on “Menu” button and then go to “Settings” app.

Step 2. Under the “Personal” tab section, press “Backup & Reset” option. Provide PIN or password if need be for authentication.

Step 3. Next tap on “Factory Data Reset”.

Step 4. Select what you wish to delete form the whole bunch of information displayed on the screen. Tap on “Reset Device” after your selection, and all your device data will be deleted once and for all.






  • The deleted data can possible be restored using data recovery utilities.
  • The method is not recommendable if you don’t wish to lose contact details.



The above article has clearly demonstrated that if you are looking for a safe and secured possibility to wipe out data off your device, the SafeWiper is the only secured help that you can heed as it guarantees 100% efficiency and 0% data recovery possibility. Although you can try out the other methods as well if you are in a hurry or under a less potential threat.

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