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Apple launches a device that allow pet owners to track the activities of their pet

With iOS 8 and the Apple Watch, Apple has fully embraced fitness tracking long after other gadgets and apps have already made their push. Now that Apple has finally made the push to put fitness trackers on people, the company will try to put them on dogs. Starting today, the Whistle Activity Monitor will be sold in Apple retail stores across North America.

The Activity Monitor attaches to any dog collar and can be accessed through a companion iOS app via Bluetooth or WiFi. The device allows pet owners to track the activities of their pet, set fitness goals, as well as schedule and monitor medication intake and other appointments. People added as owners in the app can all share in the activity monitoring, so the whole family can see what their beloved pet is up to. Whistle is also taking pre-orders for WhistleGPS, a subscription service that provides GPS (and activity) tracking.

While Apple isn’t the first to carry the Whistle Activity Monitor, it’s the first pet activity and fitness tracker to be carried by Apple.

If you’d like to see the Activity Monitor up close, you can head to your local Apple retail store, though you should call ahead just to be safe. If you’d rather grab one without having to put on pants and leave the house, the device is available on Amazon, with the usual benefits of Prime if you’re a member.


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