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In other cases we had been mentioned AudioSnaps, an app that takes pictures with sound and stores everything in a single JPEG file. Just by recording a few seconds of sound while you take your picture,  AudioSnaps captures your best moments in a spontaneous way. Share them in Facebook, Twitter or any website. 

They’ ve created a service that allows you to know the time whenever you want… in a different way. And by using different channels:

You can go to Myhumantime a service where you can have a human clock telling you the real time or you can see the selfies that the users around the world are taking of themselves at that specific moment (via AudioSnaps, of course!). 


How to use My Human Time
1. Download AudioSnaps
2. Take a selfie wherever you are, telling the time at the camera
3. Tag your pictures with the time that you said, like this: #10:32 and #MyHumanTime
That’s it! You’ll be part of the human clock that’s telling the time to people around the



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