Gyzmo will allow people who are in danger to send footage of their situation, along with locational data, to personal contacts

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In the TV series Max Headroom, one of the sources of security for hardcore news videographer Edison Carter was the fact that his camcorder was constantly transmitting a live audio/video feed back to his co-workers at Network 23. If anyone attacked him out in the field, his colleagues would know about it, and would have the attack recorded on tape for the police. Well, given that we’re now probably at about the time in history when the series was set, perhaps it only makes sense that we may soon be able to get a smartphone app that does pretty much the same thing as Edison’s camera. Its working name is Gyzmo 

Gyzmo is a wireless button that syncs with your smart devices using BLE technology. Once synced you have the ability to launch applications and other functions with the press of a button. Gyzmo is currently compatible with our mobile applications HelpN and Bcon which will both be available on the App Store and Google Play. We are also in the development of Gyzmo App, which will give you the ability to launch what you want and how you want it with your Gyzmo.

Gyzmo can change the way you interact with your smart devices by allowing you freedom and complete remote control!

  • Remote Music Launcher
  • Custom App Catapult
  • Key Finding Assistant
  • Bad Date Escape Hatch
  • Long-range Selfie Cam
  • Location Sharing Panic Button

Take a look at the Gyzmo video and click notify in the top right if you would like a Gyzmo!

You can use it as a:

Long Range Selfie Cam: 
Prop your phone anywhere and launch your camera function to take pictures wirelessly with ease

Music Launcher:
Control your favorites tunes from across the room

Location sharing Panic Button:
Discretely alert friends and family when in an uncomfortable situation

Key finding Assistant:
Easily locate your phone or your keys with Gyzmo’s proximity detector

Bad Date Escape Hatch:
Instantly be rescued from that awful date by wirelessly alerting contacts with your current location

Custom App Catapult:
Launch what you want when you want by linking your favorite apps with Gyzmo

Gyzmo will allow people who are in danger to send footage of their situation, along with locational data, to personal contacts 

Gyzmo Kickstarter v7 from Steve Kitzman on Vimeo.

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