Moto 360 smartwatch shows up at Best Buy with $250 price tag

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While Android Wear has been available to the public through the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear live for a little while now, the device that everyone has their eye on in the smartwatch category is from Motorola. The Moto 360 is expected to receive an official launch alongside some of Motorola’s other Fall offerings in just a couple of weeks, but over the weekend Best Buy accidentally let all of the details slip.

The Best Buy mobile site for the Moto 360 appeared over the weekend, and while we already knew a lot about this watch there were clearly some surprises left. Motorola’s round Android Wear device has enjoyed a long hype campaign where the company focused on the build materials, explaining time and again that the goal was to make this feel like a quality piece of hardware.

It’s somewhat surprising, after all of that hype about the materials, to discover that the watch is expected to retail for only $250. While the Moto 360 will still be the most expensive Android Wear device, it will only cost $20 more than the LG G Watch.

Natasha Martinez
Natasha Martinez

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