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With the rise of mobile phones, especially smartphones, we are constantly connected anywhere and everywhere. Thus, using m-marketing or mobile marketing to introduce our company and our brand could be a very successful strategy. Of course, it is a very effective means to quickly and directly target mobile phone users. This a lot more effective than the typical and traditional SMS campaigns that use MMS and have various degrees of success, it greatly improves customer and partner engagement. This paper presents a compilation with the five most important m-marketing techniques currently used.


QR Codes

Creating a Quick Response code can accompany your off-line marketing campaign and your online component. With it you can redirect visitors to your website, get subscribers, etc. It is a key tool to combine the two fields of marketing and get more customer interaction for your business, in addition to the ‘buzz’ it generates and increasing the curiosity of your brand. There are very creative ways of applying QR codes to your marketing campaign in order to boost your m-marketing.


Harnessing the Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can greatly aid in a mobile marketing campaign, but only a few will attract fewer people. It is a much more customer specific campaign, but it can considerably increase the interest of potential customers in your company. Augmented Reality is a technique that requires an application developer to help with the software development needed to carry out your idea.


Pay for Displays and Mobile Advertising

In this sense, this is a more a traditional means of marketing. You have to take full advantage of Google Adwords to publicise your brand, not only in the web field but also within the mobile market.


 Proximity marketing

Initially this trend was referred to as Bluetooth m-marketing. That was the start of proximity marketing, but now with technological advances the possibilities it offers us are much greater, e.g. GPS geo-location and much more. First, it is essential that your business is on geo-location platforms like Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, etc. although it must be said that the impact of this strategy is relatively small scale. It is estimated to have a greater impact in physical stores since proximity is a key factor in terms of volume of sales.


Create your own app to publicize your business

Having your own mobile application will help you to increase awareness and enhance your m-marketing campaign. Initially you will have to prioritize as to which operating system is more valuable for your campaign. It is clear that hiring an Android developer is essential, as recent studies indicate that this operating system receives the greatest amount of downloads. Although it is closely followed by Apple, so you should also consider hiring an iOS developer.

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