Video of the inside of an active volcano

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This video, seen below, is the product of the Marum Volcano Expedition, where brave adventurers ventured to the South Pacific Ocean to the island of Vanuatu. It was shot by explorer Sam Cossman, who was led on the expedition by photographer Geoff Mackley, who is known for traversing extreme environments.

As the video shows, the team flew from San Francisco to the small island, taking a helicopter over a vast jungle until reaching the volcano. The team doesn’t simply land near the volcano, but instead has to repel down a rocky cliff in order to reach the fiery summit. Once there, the volcano opening and churning lava kept inside dwarf the adventurers.If you pay attention to the video, you can see one of the explorers actually try to pick up a little bit of molten rock with his bare hands. If you’re wondering: it’s hot. 

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