Watch LG roll up an 18-inch OLED panel while it plays video

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The latest innovations to make it into the TVs we can buy today are 4K resolutions and curved screens. But if LG has its way, the TVs we purchase in the future are set to be a lot more flexible and transparent.

The two videos you can watch below show off features of two new OLED panels. The first is an 18-inch screen capable of being folded over both backwards and forwards while video is played. That has been made possible by using a polyimide film instead of plastic to aid flexibility.

The second OLED panel is actually semi-transparent. So depending on the content being displayed, you can also see what’s going on behind the screen. Transmittance is 30 percent (the best to date in transparent LCD is just 10 percent) and haze has been minimized to just 2 percent. To me that suggests this could end up being a TV that sits over a window or allows a picture on the wall behind the panel to show through when it’s not in use.

As for the resolution of these prototype displays, it’s not bad but needs improvement. At 1280 x 810 they can handle 720p HD output, but 4K is going to become the norm soon and it would be good if LG could achieve that. With a 60-inch version expected by 2017, I’m pretty confident they’ve already managed to increase the resolution substantially.


LG actually unveiled this 18-inch flexible OLED panel earlier this month, but videos of it in use only appeared a couple of days ago. I suspect it will be a regular visitor to the tech conferences over the next couple of years and I can’t wait to see the 60-inch model in action.

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